Health care professionals,
Are your first and foremost priorities to provide the best possible healthcare for your patients, keep your medical skills up to date, to help keep your practice afloat financially and maintain some form of work / family life sanity?
THEN keep up with the latest high tech opportunities that may help you make everything run more efficiently or conform to some government directive(s)?
At Green Smart our mission is to assist solo, small to medium practices with "minimally invasive" IT and other business services / products to help you maintain a strategic pace in this high tech changing world!
From an IT / business side of things, what are some of the issues you have on your plate?
  • Government pressure / incentives to implement an EMR / prove "Meaningful Use" - (,
  • Wondering if PHR (Personal Health Records) requests will add to the practice's workload,
  • Requirements to insure patient data security / HIPPA compliance,
  • Trying to maintain a practical balance between valuable office space and needed / required patient paper records storage 
  • Desire to keep patients informed on the latest healthcare issues / advice, via snail mail, e-mail, social media and/or website,
  • Trying to keep up to date with the latest rules, requirements, billing codes . . . to keep the cash flow coming in, 
  • Pondering how you might use the latest telemedicine technology to consult with other specialist or for home patient monitoring or . . .,
  • Attempts to strategize the next steps that need to be taken to continue to improve workflow, practice efficiencies, quality patient care. . .
  • Did we miss some?
We ask you to take a look at the basic services we offer and ask yourself if there is some way we may be able to support you. Maybe your looking for something a little different, more specialized / individual. . . and that OK too.  
We want to develop a strategic synergistic partnership with you that will benefit the both of us.
We know we offer our services at very fair pricing and are supported by our team members having many years of expertise and experience in THEIR fields.
Please invite us in to discuss your goals, requirements, desires, fears, boundries / limitations. . .  We will be there listening!